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Sips N Stitches


Perusing Facebook back in 2018 I saw an event at a brewery about an hour from my home called Pints and Purls. It was a weekly meeting of knitters who gathered for a drink and get out of the house with their current projects. I wanted to go check it out but it was on a week night and I was working an hour from home in the other direction so it just wasn’t feasible. It did get me thinking “why couldn’t there be something like that in my town”? That was when I started working on Sips ‘n Stitches!

I reached out to our local brewery and asked if I could reserve a table or two once a month to start the group. They agreed and added us to their official schedule and I set up a Facebook post to get the word out. I was pretty nervous that either no one would come or that the idea wouldn’t catch on. In fact, the first few meetings were mostly just me and my friends and my mom. I was grateful for the support and they motivated me to keep it going.

Soon a few ladies who were new to the area started coming. They started coming regularly and new people started showing up! It was great to meet new people and engage with the community. It was a way to gather with other fiber artists and we provided each other with inspiration, help, tips and friendship (many of which are still thriving today!).

When the pandemic hit we all missed our time together and were thankfully able to adapt. We started meeting once a week via Zoom. It wasn’t the same but it was great to still be able to see each other’s faces and chat and see what everyone was working on. We were even able to include friends who didn’t live in the area.

Five years, great new friendships, and a global pandemic later we are finally getting back to the brewery! I can’t wait to meet even more new fiber artists and see what the future hold for Sips ‘n Stitches! I hope this inspires some of you to try something like this in your hometown. If you do, don’t hesitate to reach out and let me know how it is going or ask questions!

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